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Aggregate production line equipment configuration and concrete technology design process

Since aggregate processing system construction period is short, allowing the use of the effective area of the small venues, to the construction may cause some difficulty, to ensure the system is put into operation on schedule, the rational allocation of equipment to maximize production process optimization; addition, the aggregate processing system Preparation of aggregates is provided for the RCC, RCC compared with normal concrete requires sufficient dust content in order to improve its workability, impermeability, thus in the process design must take this into account, for this problem, the addition of sand workshop, prepared natural sand artificial sand as a supplement, and to regulate the natural sand fineness modulus; using two spiral sand washing machine recycling sand, you can adjust the fineness modulus of sand, check the screening process using dry sieving, an increase of sand dust content, for the preparation of RCC to provide a reliable guarantee. Entire aggregate processing system processes more complete and reasonable.

Sand and gravel quarry, mainly producing aggregate for highway paving, roadbed and other uses, if using less material, you can purchase directly from small sand quarry, but the long duration, engineering supplies and more, the need to establish specialized production base gravel, sand stone sand stone specifically to meet the needs of high-speed road. General system mainly consists of sand and gravel crushing plant (including rods tone screening), screening plant, broken plant, sand plant, workshops and semi-finished products inspection screening stockpiles, regulate stockpile, finished aggregate yard, the control system and its auxiliary facilities and other components.
Aggregate field system configuration is as follows:

(A) semi-finished products, mainly by crushing plant (jaw crusher as the primary device), semi-yard components. Mined primarily for processing into the stockyard <150mm semi-finished material.

(2) finished processing: the screening plant (circular vibrating screen, vibrating feeder), broken workshop (cone crusher), sand making workshop (PCL crusher, VSI crusher and 5X sand making machine), check the screening vehicles and regulate yard sand composition. Its main task is to be processed into semi-finished 0 ~ 4.75mm, 4.75 ~ 19mm, 19 ~ 37.5mm, 37.5 ~ 75mm four kinds of finished aggregate, sand making workshop aims to <37.5mm excess material processed into <4.75mm thin bone material to supplement the lack of natural sand, natural sand while to adjust the fineness modulus.

(3) Aggregate Yard Finished: Finished aggregate yard located five silos, three aggregate positions, including positions as two of sand, a warehouse for the natural sand, the other is artificial sand.

Aggregate processing system according to meet the strength 40000 m3 concrete pouring month scale design, RCC required per m3 net aggregate 2.2t, operating two shifts, month working 25 days, at 14 hours. Taking into consideration all graded concrete aggregate content of each grain requirements, taking into account the processing and transportation, storage losses, calculated finished material production capacity 350t / h, taking into account the natural sand artificial sand as a supplement, finished thick bone material according to the 80% of the finished material, which is why the finished product production capacity of coarse aggregate 280t / h, the production capacity of the finished sand 70t / h. According to the physics of stone quarry mining properties, broken product particle size characteristics as well as concrete aggregate production technology requirements, system process using a combination of sub-open closed production process.

In conclusion based on the physics of stone quarry mining properties, process design and system requirements, combined with crushing equipment crusher product size characteristics. Optimize the allocation of each workshop equipment, improve the system assurance capabilities.

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