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Sand making processes and material selection of the artificial sand

Aggregate Plant work material from the hopper into the sand making machine . A local by the middle of the feeder into the high-speed rotation of the impeller , the impeller rapid acceleration , the acceleration of up to several hundred times the acceleration due to gravity , and then a uniform flow rate of 60-70 m / s from the impeller three ejections out first broken with self- closing down around the feeder part of the material impact , and then together with the impact of the vortex branch cavity lining materials , the material lining rebound oblique impact to the top of the whirl chamber , but also to change its direction of motion , the deflection of the downward movement of the from impeller emitted material to form a continuous material curtain .Such a material whirl crushing chamber by two and even repeatedly crushing effect on the probability of impact , friction and grinding . The broken material is discharged from the lower part of the discharge opening . Throughout the crushing process , the material of mutual self- impact crusher , not in direct contact with the metal components , but the material lining the impact , friction and grinding, which reduces the angle of pollution , to extend the time of mechanical wear . Ingenious airflow inside the whirl chamber circulation, eliminate the dust pollution .

Artificial sand production cost is high , that the stones crunching broken is the artificial sand , the technical specifications of this product is not to find out location and easy access to the industry, investors may have to pay a heavy price . Artificial sand equipment excellent manufacturers Yongcan , mechanical clear that the quality of the artificial sand should be: artificial sand / powder / clay / natural sand / weathered sand / tailings reconcile the sand . At present, the demand for artificial sand , some conditions are not met enterprise with a simple Sand mechanical production with inferior artificial sand , not only leads the user to pay a much greater cost than usual , more serious is the quality of the production of concrete fail to meet requirements that directly affect the quality of construction works .From the current situation , the production of poor quality or substandard artificial sand enterprises in addition to management, and other conditions , prominent should be the production machinery fail to meet requirements .

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