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Aggregate Plant
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Aggregate Plant maintenance and maintenance

Aggregate Plant common problems and maintenance

First , the operating skills

1 , should be checked before starting the observation of the door is closed ;
2 , Product size ---- V-belt is too loose , you should tighten the V-belt ;

3 ,Idling resistance is too large ---- bearings closures within stopper material , open the lids clear ;

4, bearing fever ---- short of oil or into dust, refueling or cleaning of bearings ; bearing is damaged, replace the bearing ;

5, metal collided Sound ---- liner or impeller wearing parts fall off and re- tightening ;

6, power outages and downtime ---- excessive feeding leading to long - term overload the load carrying capacity down , causing power outages and stop working , uniform and continuous feeding, avoid long-term high equipment load crushing operations .

Sand maintenance and maintenance

(1)Regular observation of the Sand internal wear and tear , such as the center feed tube , cone hat , impeller , indecent Road lining the circumference of the shield, wear block wear , wear and tear shall promptly replace or repair , the replacement of the wear block should be replaced at the same time to ensure that the wear blocks weigh the same .

(2)Main bearing lubricant should be sufficient for cleaning bearings on a regular basis to remove impurities in the bearing lubricating oil ; Sand car grade grease or # 3 Lithium Grease , 400 hours of each work by adding the right amount of grease to work 2000 hours open the spindle assembly cleaning the bearing , the general work 7200 hours and replaced with new bearings.

(3)Triangular drive belt tensioning size should be adjusted as appropriate to ensure that the triangular tape Force uniform, two - motor drive , both sides of the triangle tape packet matching , each group length as uniform as possible .

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