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Artificial aggregate processing system process design and equipment configuration

Sandstone Aggregate Plantcan be divided into two basic types of artificial aggregate processing systems and natural aggregate processing system , mainly near the main project of the source material to establish what form of sand and gravel aggregate processing system for the natural bone adequate source of feed material , and level with a more appropriate general use of natural sandstone aggregate processing system ; insufficient natural aggregate material sources or source material sufficient graded big difference between the abandoned high capacity generally use artificial Aggregate Plant.Yifan Machinery has been committed to the mine crushing and screening equipment , professional crusher , vibrating screen , crushing and screening equipment are so constructed , equipment selection , equipment , equipment use , systems engineering, high-speed railways, highways and other national key projects has an absolute advantage in high-grade aggregate production equipment .

We must first understand the project needs and rivers cascade of recent developments in the planning , the status of the source material , to determine the establishment of several cascade of shared or regional sand and gravel production base, or aggregate system dedicated to construction in progress . Selected the stockyard recoverable storage to meet project needs storage , but also leave some margin of spare , including the possibility of error and increase in the amount of exploration . Optimum gradation for natural Aggregate field , of course, you can get good performance concrete to save the amount of cement , should be the best economic graded to reduce the feeding amount of disposable .

Secondly, the process of natural aggregate handle oversized or artificial aggregate of coarse crushing Section , the general directly under stope incoming , its duration should be consistent with the the stope harvesting system , oversized handle or coarse crushing ( the jaw crusher ) to select its load coefficient can be 0.65 to 0.75 ; screen wash ( shaker ) and broken ( crusher ) , crushing ( cone crusher ) workshop generally use two shifts , the load factor of its equipment desirable from 0.75 to 0.85 ; rod mill sand, product gradation and stability , it is appropriate continuous three-shift work system , its equipment load coefficient can be 0.85 to 0.9 .

Natural aggregate production process: oversized stone processing and gradation adjustment → screening → ??sand and gravel washing → ??supplementary artificial sand → Water Recycling and Sewage Treatment ; lack of natural aggregate amount of sand or natural the gradation of the sand can be used to excess coarse aggregate sand to supplement or adjust the gradation . Artificial sand and natural sand are generally mixed in a rod mill , spiral classifier , can also be used in conjunction with stockpiling , respectively, in proportion .

Typical artificial aggregate production process : the semi-finished production → gravel production → sand → Water Recycling and Sewage Treatment . Artificial aggregate of semi-finished products refers to the blocks ( eggs) obtained after coarse crushing of stone raw materials , products, and the maximum diameter of the general control allow less than the maximum feed particle size in the crusher . According to the terrain conditions and the needs of production , should set the semi-finished yard after coarse crushing equipment in the secondary coarse crushing equipment and screening between buildings , can also set up smaller capacity adjustment silo . Product transport to the sieve floor of the workshop will be broken to re - screening classification , and excess aggregate again transport to the crushing workshop processing cycle path .

The design of artificial Aggregate Plant processing system , the general configuration cone crushers , while configuration Sand , two kinds of sand material parameters with a certain proportion , improve the quality of the artificial sand .

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