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The Yifan mechanical Aggregate crushing equipment , construction waste recycling

Aggregatel crusher equipment manufacturers Yifan Machinery Chinese professional sand and aggregate crushing equipment manufacturers , not only to provide customers with aggregate crushing equipment , more importantly, to provide first-class after-sale technical service . Yifan Machinery services in Canada, South Africa , India , Italy, the United States , Malaysia , Libya and other countries around the world , the latest in mobile aggregate crushing equipment .

With the development of world economy , living standards continue to increase, cities are expanding , more and more urban construction waste . Then you know that construction waste can be used as the raw materials for production of bricks and other building materials ? Recently, the reporter learned from Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., a district of Yunnan customers construction waste disposal site , independent research and development by Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. , a new construction waste disposal equipment - mobile crushing plant is capable of "digest" 800 tons construction waste .A person in charge of the demolition company , told reporters that to calculate a transformation in cities and towns to produce 26.6 million tons of construction waste , and 100 construction waste mobile crushing machine in less than a year 's time to "digest" the city of all construction waste , to reuse them Bao , recycling .

Each year , according to rough statistics, the loss of construction materials , each removal of 10,000 square meters of old buildings , will produce 7000 to 12,000 tons of construction waste , that is, the urban transformation of each year will produce a mountain of construction debris . Once you can effectively promote the construction waste mobile crushing plant use , effective conservation of the architectural resources , so as to solve the pollution of the city's thousands of tons of construction waste , and improve the living environment .

Today , our cities and towns need more mobile , such as Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co. , Ltd. This is only 10 meters of construction waste to the crusher station . Various shapes and varying sizes of waste bricks, muck excavator 's entrance into the mobile crushing plant to crush processing into a uniform size of the stone tablets and fine sand at the exit . At the scene, the scene of a mountain of waste bricks and cement mixture , by the mobile crushing station crushed into sand and gravel aggregate , can be assured to be used as the raw material of the production of bricks .

It is reported that construction waste mobile crushing plant is from Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. R & D center team of more than 20 engineers after numerous experiments and adapted from , has a removable , dust , noise, small footprint four features of daily " digest" of 800 tons of construction waste .

The biggest advantage of the the Yifan mechanical mobile crushing plant is good mobility and can reduce the space occupied , equipment installation , material handling, industrial electric and manual operation , and other costs . Reason to believe that flexible, environmentally friendly and efficient mobile crushing plant can not only help build our country "resource -saving and environment -friendly " two-oriented society will also be open world sand and gravel aggregate production and construction waste disposal industry a better tomorrow The broad market prospect .

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