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About Aggregate PF Series Rock Crusher is a new product that absorbs advanced technologies at home and abroad.This Series equipment can crusher material which max...
HOW TO WORK PF Series Rock Crusher use impact energy to crush materials. When the Rock Crusher works, the motor drives the rotor rotate of the Rock Crusher with high speed.

Aggregate crushing process

Sand and aggregate crushing station is a good crushing equipment broken stone . With the increase of urban construction waste in recent years , broken equipment on the market a wide range of crushing equipment , Yifan Machinery Chinese professional aggregate crushing equipment manufacturers , the current service in Canada, the United States , Malaysia , Libya, South Africa, India , Italy and other world regions .The aggregate crushing process is divided into four different workshops : the crushing workshop , ultra- crushing workshop , in broken workshop , coarse broken workshop .

Crushing workshop: Asked crushing cars selected 4 PL9500SD , design and equipment line speed is 65m / s single piece of equipment power is 440kW , the design conditions of a single device handling capacity of 250t / h , workshop processing capacity of 1000t / h , equipment loading rate 83.3% . Crushing workshop design conditions of the feed particle size range of 3 ~ 40mm , material into the sand was 55% , sand fineness modulus FM 3.20 , the dust content of l8.5 % . The particle size of the crushing workshop ≤ 3mm sand into the finished sand material mixed with the ultra- crushing workshop warehouse .

Ultra- crushing plant:Ultra- crushing workshop selected the PL8500 type vertical shaft sand making machine , the design of the rotor linear velocity of 81m / s , workshop processing capacity of 140t / h , plant design feed particle size of 3 ~ 5mm , the material fineness modulus FM 3 .17 , the dust content of 15.2% .

Broken in the workshop :The crushed plant selected for the NP1110 and NP1213 type in broken crusher 2 , the design of the discharge opening size is 40mm , the design workshop treatment capacity of 920t / h , the maximum aggregate size design conditions car asked for 50mm, the design of crushing ratio of i2 = 5.0 .

Primary crushing plant: Selected the the NP1313 type crusher and three B13_56 - 2V type bar strip feeding machine for the primary crushing plant , the design of the crusher discharge opening opening is 150mm , bars feeder rods spacing b = 150mm, workshop design conditions the processing capacity of 1500t / h ; material yard blasting controlling the particle size D ≤ 800mm , designed to condition the coarse broken out broken than i expected maximum diameter of 250mm . = 3.2 .
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