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Granite gravel production line to become the ideal of sand and gravel aggregate processing equipment

Our construction using sand , mainly built with pebbles , gravel and other construction projects in China the main structural material is cement concrete, sand , stone constitutes the concrete composition of the material of the most important raw materials , concrete skeleton , so sand , stone also known as concrete aggregate , sand , stone quality is directly related to the pros and cons of concrete quality , the safety of construction projects .

In recent years, with the awareness of the environment natural , environmental awareness increasingly stronger . Natural sand and gravel resources are non-renewable , over-exploitation can cause environmental pollution , the world is not allowed . Then to how can the quality of construction sand and gravel aggregate , has been confused with the manufacturer of construction sand and gravel . Yifan Machinery Mining Machinery Co. , Ltd. As one of the mining machinery industry in Henan Province , has successfully developed the introduction of complete sets of gravel into the production line equipment in line with the requirements of construction sand and gravel .
China has a large river pebbles , the introduction of river gravel, crushed stone production line . Into the production line , the successful introduction of greatly improving the level and quality of sand , stone production to meet the high-strength , high-performance concrete and promote the use of sand, stone and performance requirements to address the limitations of the natural sand . Artificial sand "came into being , and promote the use of developed rapidly, the majority of sand and gravel manufacturer strongly recognized .

Sand, stone is a wide range of large and important building material products . The use of gravel is also involved in all aspects of construction engineering , water conservancy, transportation, railway, civil aviation, agriculture, metallurgy and so on . Crushed stone production line launched a successful rescue gravel industry veering , leading sand and gravel industry from natural sand to the perfect transformation of the artificial sand .

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