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HOW TO WORK PF Series Rock Crusher use impact energy to crush materials. When the Rock Crusher works, the motor drives the rotor rotate of the Rock Crusher with high speed.

What are the main factors affecting the crusher parts

In the course of the aggregate plant,impact aggregate crusher parts several factors crushing capacity:including stone hardness,viscosity and humidity stone,eventually the particle size,composition stone crusher itself broken pieces of quality.

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1.Aggregate hardness:the harder the more difficult stone crushing equipment wear and tear on the more serious,the slower the rate of fragmentation,crushing capacity is relatively smaller.

2.the material viscosity and humidity:the larger the moisture -containing material , the material in the crusher content easy to adhere to,it is easy to plug in the next conveying process,resulting in crushing capacity decreases.Viscosity,the smaller the crushing capacity.

3.Final fineness:the final crushing of stone required granularity smaller,slower crushing rate,the smaller the ultimate impact crushing capacity.

4.the basic components of aggregate:the more crushing the material in powder before impact with the more crushing capacity,because adhesion of powder is easy to transport.For more fines content should advance once sieve.In addition,the more stone containing impurities also affect crushing capacity.

5.wear parts (hammer,lining ),the better the wear resistance of crushing equipment crushing the greater capacity.

Must be optimistic crusher manufacturer when purchasing aggregate crusher.Also note crusher parts manufacturers on request.

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